One hour of clear audio requires anywhere from 4-5 hours for a single-voice dictation or speech to 5-6 hours or more for poor quality or multi-voice interview.  Working from any digital format, (we can take any format) we can convert sound to text in the shortest timeframes. We can access audio/video files through many sources such as FTP, Dropbox, YouSendIt, YouTransfer; any source and supply back to you a verbatim text of what has been said. Time coding is also available.


Give us your mailing list and your typed, written or recorded document and we can personalize it.

Data Entry

Want to convert your hardcopy contacts (business cards, faxes, etc) to a database or Outlook Contact folder? No problem. Preparing for a mass mailing can be a time consuming, harrowing experience. We’ll handle it for you, from entry of your database (or conversion/cleaning of an existing database) and creation of your letter to setting up the merge fields.


How Does It Work?

Once an agreement is reached to engage Just Your Type Service for your project, you can send your audio files through our secure Dropbox or your desired way of uploading files.  We will begin transcribing your files and after files have been typed and proofed, we will then start e-mailing files as they are processed on our end so that you may begin work prior to completion of the entire project. (We send as each interview/file is completed)

All typing projects will be done in Microsoft Word. Finished materials will be returned via e-mail attachment. All documents are proofed and spell checked and timecoded if needed.

Our transcription rate includes; transcription, a proofread transcript using the recorded material (second pass) to ensure accuracy, and electronic delivery of your transcript via email.

All invoices are due within 15 business days of invoice date.