Jpuppy980[1]ust Your Type Service is a full service Transcription company. Whether you have a short, quick turnaround project needing to be done, or an on-going project with long-term commitment. Medical, Production, Interviews, Focus Groups, Lectures, or just thoughts for the day; whatever you want to get down in writing, we can do it all.

We also offer help with your Data Entry needs. Everything from Spreadsheet input, to just copy text so that you can have an electronic copy.

A Virtual Assistant is there when you need them. We don’t use your phones for personal calls or hang out at your water cooler (we have our own). We don’t get paid for sitting around doing nothing and you don’t have to pay for training, benefits and sick days. We are here for you, Virtually. When you need us, we’re there for you on an as-need-basis.